Our Company

Welcome to Magiter Dixit Ltd’s website.

Magister Dixit is a consultancy company with lawyer Rosen Ruskov as an owner. He is a specialist and consultant in tax law.
He has a master degree in law and is author of significant books and publications on tax matters.

Magister Dixit Ltd offers wide variety of services in the sphere of taxation, tax consultancies, tax analysis, tax strategies and judicial protection.
MD provides help to accountants, auditors and managers with regards to resolving specific tax cases.
We offer representation in front of the NRA , administrative and judicial appeal of NRA acts and other institutions.

We offer specialized trainings in accounting and tax law.

To whom our services would be useful?
  • Owners and managers of a company
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Anyone having tax problems
  • Anyone who wants to avoid tax problems, by properly planning their business

Contact Information

1 Macedonia suqare
floor 15, office 5
1000 Sofia
tel. +359 2 988 2386
tel. +359 88 880 7911
Email: info@magisterdixit.net